Ladies and Gentlemen – we have veg! And very cultured veg they are too, as they spend yesterday evening in the Royal Scottish Academy whilst their owner tried to understand some of the art.

This week’s bag contained:

2 large carrots
1 large parsnip
4 mushrooms
4 potatoes
5 onions
1 lovely savoy cabbage

I have some great plans for all of the vegetables.

Today is 1st March, which apparently is the first day of Spring. I celebrated this by sowing some trays of salad leaves that I hope will be ready in about 6 weeks’ time and by putting some potatoes out to chit. The potatoes came from the potato day at Bridgend Allotments and are sitting in egg boxes on the book case in our spare room. Hopefully they should be able to go into the ground in the middle of April. I chose three different salad varieties and the plan is they will give us some yummy salad potatoes over the summer.

All these thoughts of Spring put me in the mood for some salad and so, surveying the contents of my veg bag, I decided a carrot based salad called for. I pimped it up with some pickled ginger and plenty of poppy seeds:

Carrot and ginger salad with poppy seeds

2 large carrots, grated or chopped in a food processor
1 small onion, very finely diced
2 sticks of celery finely diced (optional)
½ small tin of sweetcorn (optional)
2 heaped tsp poppy seeds
Pickled ginger, or fresh grated fresh ginger

Dressing made from 1 tbsp sunflower oil, 1 tbsp vinegar (I used the vinegar from the pickled ginger) and 1 tsp honey.

Put the dressing ingredients into a jam jar and shake vigorously

Put all the other ingredients into a bowl and mixed thoroughly, pour the dressing over the salad and use a fork to mix everything to incorporate the dressing.

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