It was my birthday a while back and when my mum asked me what I'd like I told her I'd like the new Nigel Slater book. We agreed that I'd order it on the internet (I know I should be supporting my local book sellers, but when it's over 50% cheaper on the internet - what's a girl to do) and she would pay for it.

I finally got round to ordering it last week and today the parcel arrived on my desk at work. What can I say, I am well and truely smitten! It is a collection of his "recipes" (the quote marks are because quite a few of them are, by his own admission, simply putting together the contents of a few tins) and jottings over three years. The book has got fabulous photos in it, and right now I can't decide whether it is going to live in the kitchen or on my bedside table.

Just opening it randomly I've found recipes for:

chickpeas with tomatoes and harissa
A little brown stew of mushrooms and spelt
Spiced bread and butter pudding with fried bananas

I think I've died and gone to heaven!

I can't wai

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